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WARNING!! Your Facebook can be hacked with 10 seconds

wanna try to hack your facebook just in 10 seconds,so simple and just click and just wait,and the result you can get that password..no pishing or no password generator to take slow..

Is facebook hacking possible?

Facebook hacking is very possible these days. The instances of famous celebrities getting their facebook accounts hacked is on the news every now and then. Most of the advanced programming experts can hack into facebook account with relative ease these days. However, should any one ask famous hacking groups to hack facebook accounts, they demand huge amount of money and why shouldn't they? Its a fancy, rare and demanded art to break into the servers of world's renowned and one of the most visited websites Facebook.
So where does this lead common not-so-programming-experts people? Not everyone can afford to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for a mere single facebook account hack. So we decided to make a website for the sole purpose of providing you people with a free-of-cost mean to hack the facebook accounts of your friends, family member or any other random douche you want. And to be honest, hacking is as much about getting access to someones private messages and photos as it is about the fun and awesomeness of getting this access.
Most people will hack their crush to know if the signals they are giving you are really real or are plain false alarm waste of time. Some hack their gfs/bfs to know whether the looks she/he was giving to that strangers have any meaning behind them. Some just want to gain access to their lost facebook account because facebook can be assholish sometimes.

What hacking methods do we use?

we are here to provide you with the most latest and most efficient way of gaining access to your desired account. Our method is simple and not-so-diluted. In layman terms, we first launch a mass-force attack. We use 4 efficient facebook hacking methods. Sometimes they work, sometimes they dont as there is not a single server on facebook. There are probably hundreds and hundreds of servers in facebook headquarters each having different security holes. Some are perfectly secured so they can not be hacked. So we can say that the results are totally dependand on your luck.
  • Brute force attack
    You probably have not heard about this but you sure have seen its result. Yes this was the probable attack behind 2014 iCloud hack leading fappening. In simple words, our computer sends username or password queries to facebook servers at very high frequency. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dont. Learn More
  • Packet analyzing
    A packet analyzer is program which can capture, analyze and decypher the information trading between the user and server. If we are lucky, the targeted IP address will get caught transmitting data packets to servers and boom, they are down.
  • Buffer Overflow
    We send random sensible data to facebook servers which facebook cant detect as gibberish and must respond to it. However the data really is nothing but a very huge non-translatable codes with a single hidden and working query. When facebook server is overloaded with the gibberish code, the working query launches a small command which isntantly respond back to us with the password and other information of the username.
  • Vulnerability scanner
    The methods which works for us, the most. If we are lucky, the victim has his firewall on Google Chrome disabled, we run a small query which provides us with his ports being used by Google Chrome, we gain access to his browser using these open unprotected ports and grab the cookie data stored. Our huge database of MD5 decryption then decrypts the data and we are there.
  • Kali Linux
    One of the easiest and safest method to hack into a facebook account. Kali Linux provides a number of toolsets to hack into facebook accounts. These tools, although difficult to use provide the most resilient method to hack. You can learn more about Facebook Hacking using Kali Linux here.
If all else fails, we are there to provide you with an extremely-safe, self-destructive and non-detectable Keylogger. A keylogger is a small software which you just have to open on the victim's computer and you are done. The software hides itself and is almost always undetectable by any possible mean including searching in taskbar, notification area or even task manager. What it does is that it records every keystroke made on the keyboard by the user of that computer. This means that whenever the victim whom you are hacking opens his facebook and enters the password, we will get his password that instant. The password will be delivered to you via Email directly by the keylogger.
You can watch this video tutorial how to hack your facebook in 10 seconds

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